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‘Wild’ Life at Kenoza Lake Estates

Sure we have our fair share of deer and turkey, and lately, an abundance of their offspring. But, other residents generally go unnoticed so I thought the diversity was worth noting…

There are two baby skunks (one is camera shy) that I see almost daily on either side of the road as you begin going up the hill from the gate at Old Taylor Road – on Lots 12 and 13 primarily. They are generally foraging, but occasionally I’ve seen them playing or fighting, which is really fun to watch. While walking up the hill the other day, I ventured pretty close (slowly) and this baby didn’t mind or notice my presence whatsoever, as they are quite near-sighted.

Our legless friend has taken up residency in the stone wall that supports the sign at the entrance to Kenoza Lake Estates on Old Taylor Road, and this morning, decided to pose for the camera. This is about as close as I ever want to be to any snake regardless of size, shape or color, and we seem to have an understanding – I stay in the car and keep my distance and it stays in the stone wall, mostly in hiding. If you are snake-friendly, keep a look out, but don’t disturb the stones!

Baby Skunk
Snake at Entrance Sign

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