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Welcome Birding Fans

Our latest addition to the Wanderlands is nearly complete! I would not have guessed, but standing in the treehouse, you are amazingly closer to what I’ll call the “fly zone”. One bird really brought this to my attention as it passed no more than 10 feet over my head, within 2 feet of the tree and doing somewhere close to mach 2. This experience inspired the thought of hanging a birdhouse and/or bird feeder on each of the 10 or so closest trees surrounding the treehouse. This will be the hottest talk among the birds in the community, comfortably hovering 15-20 feet above the surface.

A temporary floor has been installed as our few remaining logs (from the property) are being sent to the sawmill, so residents and guests are welcome to use it immediately. So feel free to follow the newly laid wood chip trail (think Yellow Brick Road) to this one of a kind viewing platform. The east trail access (for advanced hiking) is across the street from Lot 9 and the west trail access is across from Lot 19. Birdhouses to follow! 😉
Tree House Near Completion

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