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Six Weeks on Tour

When I arrived on Saturday, it felt as though I was seeing Kenoza Lake for the first time again, yet with renewed appreciation. This being immediately after touring the country with my closest friends, from where the images tattooed in my mind are as countless as the experiences. I was honored with the offer to be their Tour Manager and literally jumped at the opportunity. So, having completed the 13,000-mile journey, driven through 33 of our finest states, the nation’s capital, and two Canadian cities in the last six weeks, it still feels very wrong not to be in motion. (Thankfully, the spa is helping me readjust.)

Here is the link ( to the band’s website if interested in more details and pictures, and here are a few you might not find, of Snake River in Idaho:
Bjorn Not Where He Should Be
Afternoon Drive
Bridge Over The River Snake

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