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Putting A Lid On It

The 1500-pound stone cap is just one of hundreds of “final touches” going on at Lot 7, but most are less dramatic. In truth, our team’s precision engineering and workmanship made this final touch look easy. I suppose having a crane comes in handy too..!

The interior is expected to be furniture ready by the end of the month and the exterior shortly thereafter (as long as it doesn’t snow again).

As with most of our projects, the completion is bittersweet. The months of working together on a project such as building a new home, which is filled with so many very personal choices, creates a personal bond. With the completion so near I’m feeling the first inklings of sadness already. All the best in your new home my friend! Cheers!

Chimney Cap Lot 7
Chimney Cap2 Lot 7

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