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Lot 7 Framing Nearing Completion

Did I see snowflakes yesterday!?!? Progress is in full swing and it seems we are barely in time to beat the winter weather. We have devoted the last few weeks to completing all of the foundation work and underground utilities. Consistent with all other wells drilled in Kenoza Lake Estates, the new drilled well was completed at a depth of 320 feet with a yield of 15 gallons per minute. The permanent electric service has also been installed and the septic system was completed today, making our site ready for a functioning bathroom! Note I say “functioning”, as it is not necessarily private or luxurious quite yet…

According to our construction schedule and some cooperation with the weather, the home will be more or less “enclosed” (windows, doors and roof shingles installed) by November 8th.

Lot 7 Framing - Downhill view

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