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The Wanderlands

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Kenoza Lake Estates

Have you ever pictured yourself enjoying your own hiking trail, building your own bonfire, or sunbathing on your own beach? Well, look no further. Each and every land owner in Kenoza Lake Estates has exclusive and unlimited access to “The Wanderlands”. The Wanderlands is a unique collection of community areas that include everything from light walking paths along our private gravel roads, challenging hiking trails up the hillsides, exclusive beachfront access on Kenoza Lake, and a ramp to take your larger boats in and out of the lake. There are also cozy eating areas with grills and picnic tables.

Our newest area is currently being developed in Phase II to include bonfire pits for late night s’mores, a lean-to, and even a tree house perched high among the estates. The addition of hiking trails will be carefully incorporated into the plans for Phase IV for all to enjoy. Meanwhile, during our planning and development stage, all land in Phase IV is licensed and available to use for all Kenoza Lake Estates land Owners.

These beautiful and adventurous perks make living in Kenoza Lake Estates more than simply a
home in the woods. It is a complete wilderness experience.