HOA Members Now Have Rights to Enjoy an Additional 160 Acres at Kenoza Lake Estates

In the first few days of March 2013, I sent an email to the Kenoza Lake HOA members recapping some of the comments and feedback that I had received during our brief Q & A session.  I promised that as we moved forward in the coming months, you could expect to see results based on your collective thoughts.

I’m excited to announce that as these gorgeous summer months are now upon us, we have answered your requests to utilize the forests in Phase II and Phase III of the development for hiking, walking, running, and simply immersing yourselves into the natural beauty that our community has to offer.  I have signed a license agreement for the benefit of the Members of the HOA to have use of our remaining 160+ acres of undeveloped land.  Please click the following link to view a copy of the agreement: License for Land Use

As part of the plans for more permanent HOA use of the lands, I am putting together a proposal to develop an acre or so of the top of the mountain on the Phase II lands.  Think along the lines of a very sophisticated tree house…

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