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Happy New Year!!!

Yes, I realize what the calendar says, but each new year for me begins with the Master Cleanse and I am finally getting started tomorrow. For at least the last seven years it has been my annual tradition and the thought of no food for 8-10 days is something I look forward to for the mental reset as much as the physical one.

I delayed my typical January 1 start for good cause. On the 6th I went to Belize with a client (and friend) for some initial research for a diving resort. We had a fantastic time diving despite the less than optimum conditions and while the Belize Barrier Reef is nothing short of spectacular, the area is generally overrun with diving operators. As one might expect from a business plan, our objective is to source a location that has world class diving AND is not well known, affording the opportunity for development with minimal competition.

Although we will likely not begin construction (or renovation as the case might be) for another 3-5 years, kicking off the research phase for the diving resort is an exciting start to 2014. This is sure to be an epic year with many, many new projects and announcements. In the spring, I will be releasing some details for a new home design that could literally revolutionize how we think of home construction. I don’t want to give too much away here, so if you are interested please call or email me directly.

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