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Geothermal is Catching On

The new home on Lot 7 will feature my first geothermal installation, and the second of which in Kenoza Lake Estates. I really encourage anyone out there who is thinking of building a new home (or recently started) to take a long, hard look at the option of geothermal heating and cooling. While the upfront cost might be somewhat off putting, I firmly believe it is an investment worth making. Granted, you have to be able to afford the initial outlay, but generally given the scope of constructing a new home, the percentage of increase is not that significant. My impression and experience thus far is regardless of what size home you are building, it is likely to incur at least a $25,000 additional upfront cost for the system. You do get a 30% Federal Tax Credit the following year to ease the pain. But the best news of this system is that you do not need to purchase any fuel oil or propane / natural gas for heating…EVER. Think about how much that costs you each year and imagine instead that a 4,000+ square foot home costs only $100-150 per month for ALL the electricity for the entire home! Yes, lights, heat, refrigerators, air conditioning, TVs, Stereo, Alarm Clock… without using ONE gallon of oil or gas.

The geothermal system we have just begun to install should be complete by the end of December. With the spray foam insulation being installed in the middle of the month, we will be more than ready and anxious to turn on the heat and test it out!

Dried In At Lot 7

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