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Free Land!

My Home Away From Home is simply not getting enough attention lately and it is worth noting that the current price of $438k reflects the actual cost of construction making the land effectively FREE!! I am increasingly anxious to begin the ‘next generation’ model home and before doing so, this one absolutely must be sold. This 3200 square foot, 4-BR smartly designed mountaintop home is the perfect weekend getaway for a family. From the rear porch you can enjoy the combination of the outdoor stone fireplace and listening to the birds compete with the waterfall in the background.

As an additional consideration, for those who might be interested, but not quite ready to make a purchase – consider the TEST DRIVE option. You can rent this home and see how you like it before you buy it. If you do, the full amount of rent can be taken as a credit towards the purchase price. I encourage any and all inquiries who would like some firsthand experience at lake living this summer!

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