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Frequently Asked Questions

The average time it takes to close on a lot is 30 days from the time you sign the Agreement For Purchase of Real Property until the time of closing*. This complete document outlines all of the details required to purchase.

* This assumes a cash sale. If you will be obtaining financing for this purchase, contact your lender for additional requirements and estimated time to closing

This begins with a budget for site work of $75,000. This budget number is a consistent average regardless of the size of the home and assuming that your site needs everything — driveway, well, septic, underground electric, excavation and final grading. Some Lots already have driveways cleared and a stone base installed.

Apart and in addition to the site work, the average cost to build a custom home is between $150-200 per square foot for a turnkey home. As a general rule of thumb, you should always assume a smaller home of 1,500 square feet would be more expensive per square foot, than a larger home for the same degree of quality. These cost estimates are based on our experience in building homes, coupled with our commitment to using energy efficient and high quality materials, products and workmanship.