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East and West Trails Now Open!

The East Trail and West Trail, steeper vs. more gentle terrain respectively, lead from Kenoza Trail to the central Common Area in Phase II (please see our Home Sites page for reference). I am in the planning stages of adding a treehouse, lean-to, and fire pit to this Common Area for what could be known as “The Campsite”??

Signs will be installed designating the entrance to each trail in the next few weeks, but if you are anxious you can find the entrance to the East Trail (the steeper one) across the street from Lot 9 right at the bottom of the hill. The entrance to the West Trail is almost immediately across the street from the driveway of Lot 19 (but slightly north).┬áIf you decide to venture out on one of the trails you should see the site of where the treehouse will be constructed in the coming months. I’ll give you a hint – it’s one of the large maple trees with an orange ribbon around it… More details and photos on the treehouse in the coming posts.

East Trail

East Trail 1East Trail 2

West Trail

West Trail 1West Trail 2

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