Callicoon Concert Series Kicks Off This Saturday

As we move deeper into the summer season, we are provided with a number of opportunities to participate in outdoor activities and events.  Between barbecues, fishing in the lake, hiking, and other outdoor sports, the residents in Kenoza Lake Estates have the ability to enjoy the natural environment here in our community.

Nearby parks and other green spaces also provide local residents with the opportunity to rest, relax, and have some fun.  One local park in particular – the Callicoon Creek Park – features the “Under the Moon in Callicoon” Concert Series, slated to kick off on Saturday, July 13th…weather permitting, of course!  Concert performances begin at 8:00 p.m. and end at 11:00 p.m.  These outdoor musical events provide local residents with the perfect opportunity for a starlight picnic with friends and family.  So grab your picnic basket, bring your blanket, and find comfort and enjoyment as you listen to music under the stars.

For more information about the concert series, go to and check out more of what Callicoon has to offer on the Events & Attractions page at

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